Xbox Game Pass adding Void Bastards, Outer Wilds, and Dead by Daylight in May

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to eight new games in the end of May and the beginning of June. Among the games coming to the service are Void Bastards and Outer Wilds, two of the year’s most anticipated indie releases.

On May 23, Game Pass subscribers will gain access to two new games: survival stealth game Metal Gear Survive and Stoic Studio’s tactical turn-based role-playing game, The Banner Saga.

Next up for subscribers is Void Bastards, a strategy shooter that’s coming to Game Pass as it releases on May 29. Rounding out May with releases on the 30th are Dead by Daylight, the popular multiplayer horror game where a killer hunts down survivors, as well as Outer Wilds, another indie game coming to the service on its release date. Outer Wilds is a space set exploration and survival game that sends you off to explore an alien solar system.

June’s Xbox Game Pass options kick off on June 6 with Cellar Door Games’ co-op action RPG Full Metal Furies, Stoic Studio’s The Banner Saga 2, and the time-bending first-person shooter Superhot.

Microsoft offers more than 100 titles from Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 a month. Currently Microsoft is also offering players the chance to try Game Pass for $1 on their first month. The full list of Game Pass games can be found on Microsoft’s website.

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