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On the surface, Traffic Jams looks like a pretty standard job simulator-type game, albeit with some pretty funny ragdoll citizens ambling around and smashing through windshields. In a new gameplay teaser though, the Netherlands-based studio Little Chicken Game Company is peeling back a little more of the game’s mechanics, which now includes zombie attacks.

Stepping into the shoes of Danny Schrobbeler, a Traffic Controller by trade and totally not a disgraced cop, your main mission is to keep traffic rolling and prevent cars and buses from piling up.

If you haven’t seen the game’s teaser, take a look below:

It’s cute, well done, and interesting enough, but also not entirely straying from the job simulator genre.

Now, the studio showed off a bit more of what’s in store, and its involves disruptive events such as buzzing bees and a zombie apocalypse. We’re definitively getting a slight Plant vs Zombie vibes here, as you have little else but your fellow citizen’s cars and a few tomatoes to fend off the attacks.

In a recent tweet, the studio says zombies can infect other pedestrians and also try to infect you. Additionally, the studio says there’s going to be “lots of different events,” which should keep you on your toes.

There’s no launch date in sight yet, with Little Chicken listing it as TBA on the game’s website. It is however confirmed to support PC VR headsets, which we imagine includes the full swath of SteamVR-compatible devices.

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