'Puzzling Places' to Bring its Engrossing 3D Jigsaw Puzzles to PSVR December 14th – Road to VR

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Puzzling Places (2021), the VR puzzle game that takes highly-detailed and realistic room scans and breaks them into jigsaw puzzles, is finally set to launch on PSVR tomorrow, December 14th.

Created by Realities.io, Puzzling Places brings a myriad of objects and places to life with the use of a photogrammetry, a technique that takes high-resolution photos and constructs them into a 3D model.

Like conventional puzzles, you’re not only tasked with matching the crenelated edges of each piece, but also with keeping tabs on the image’s different textures and how they flow together. Being able to simply click the 3D pieces together makes for an immersive way to appreciate the finer details as your pour over complex stitching patterns of a handmade kimono, shadows from tiny buildings, or rich tapestries hanging from the walls a historical residence in central Stockholm.

Puzzling Places is set to release on PSVR with five main puzzle packs that span historical sites (and interesting gubbins) in Sweden, Armenia, France, the United States, and Japan. The additional DLC pack, which typically sells for $5 on Quest, brings to the game four scenes from the Mars Research Station in Utah, making for a total of 20 scenes.

Each scene can be played in multiple difficulties, which allow to tackle the puzzle in 25, 50, 100, 200, and 400 pieces. There’s a few tools at your disposal too, such as the ‘repacker’ tool which lets you keep your pieces neat and tidy. Whatever the case, you’ll never lose a piece.

If all of that sounds intriguing, make sure to check out our review on Quest to find out why we gave it [8/10] when it first launched back in September. You can find it over on the Playstation Store for $20, Mars Research Station DLC included.

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