Official Virtuality '90s Game Ports Could Be Landing on Modern VR Headsets Soon – Road to VR

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If you were alive and sentient in the early ’90s, you might have had you first VR experience with a Virtuality SU 2000, an early pod-like VR system for arcades. If you’re looking to relive those low-poly glory days, the current IP holder of all SU 2000 and SU 3000 games, VirtuosityTech, is actually looking to port them to modern headsets.

As first reported by Reddit user ‘eigenlaut’, and further confirmed by Road to VR, VirtuosityTech CEO Michael Cheatham says that the company intends on bringing its library of early VR games to today’s VR platforms.

There’s no further information to go on yet, and no planned release date as such, however Cheatham says more information will follow as plans solidify.

Games currently on the table for porting include Dactyl Nightmare 2, Buggy Ball, Ghost Train, Missile Command, Virtuality Boxing, Zone Hunter, Pac-Man VR, X-Treme Strike, and Shoot for Loot. 

Granted, there are a few unofficial versions out there already (read: not actual ports), including Pac-Man VR and Dactyl Nightmare, the latter of which is marketed under the name Polygon Nightmare for Rift.

Having all of those titles in a single pack however would make for a great at-home museum piece of sorts, giving you access to an era of gaming that would have otherwise been lost to time.

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