Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 Gets Quest Release Date Trailer

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Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 is now set to launch on September 30th on Oculus Quest, less than a year after Part 1. And we’re glad it’s coming soon—the original was a quality game but felt like it got cut short with a serious cliffhanger.

Coatsink, the studio behind the game, today announced the release date of Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 alongside a trailer for the game:

To hype the announcement, the studio says it’s offering the original Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 1 at a 20% discount for one day only on August 27th.

The studio is promising that the game will bring “all-new locations, puzzles and dinosaur encounters.” From the trailer we can clearly see that a tyrannosaurus rex is on the table, and from a screenshot it looks like a triceratops will join the fray too.

We expect that Part 2 will continue to feature the velociraptor—which loves to stalk the player in a game of cat & mouse—as a recurring threat; it’ll be interesting to see what role the other dinosaurs play.

Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 1 was released back in December and has been one of our favorite Quest games in the last year (our review). Though it hit a lot of the right notes, it felt like it was cut short with the way the game ended in a cliffhanger that really seemed more like the mid-point of its gameplay and narrative arc. But hey, we’re glad to see that Part 2 is ready less than a year after Part 1. Here’s to hoping that Part 2 has a bit more meat on the bone and doesn’t leave us hanging until a Part 3!

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