'Half-Life: Alyx' Was Among the Best Selling Steam Games Released in March – Road to VR

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    Valve today announced the top 20 best selling games on Steam released in March. And coming as little surprise to anyone, Half-Life: Alyx (2020) has made it on the list.

    In its monthly top sales list, Valve is accounting for two weeks of sales, which helps put Half-Life: Alyx on more equal footing with the rest of the games released during the entire month of March. However you slice it, making the top 20 on Steam is an achievement for any title, let alone a VR game.

    You’ll see plenty of familiar faces below, including Borderlands 3, DOOM Eternal, and Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Valve has organized the list according to release date, and not overall revenue as such, so it’s hard to tell where it fits on the list.

    That said, on launch day Half-Life: Alyx broke the record for peak concurrent usership of a VR game on Steam at 42,858 players, putting it head and shoulders above the competition for top concurrent users, multiplayer games included.

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    Although Valve hasn’t released official numbers on how many copies it’s sold to date, SteamSpy estimates there are currently between 500,000 – 1,000,000 owners, putting the game’s revenue at around $25 – $50 million should those numbers at all reflect reality. Even at half that estimation, Half-Life: Alyx is well positioned to be the best selling VR game to date.

    March’s Steam Top 20 List