Gamescom 2019: Nine Minutes of Budget Cuts 2 Demo Gameplay

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Gamescom 2019 is still in full swing, and while the massive halls at the Cologne-based gaming expo are predictably filled to the brim with non-VR games, there’s been a number of interesting VR titles to pop up here, including Neat Corporation and Fast Travel Games’ upcoming sequel to the humor-filled stealth assassin adventure Budget Cuts (2018), Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency.

At some point this year, Budget Cuts 2 is slated to toss PC VR users back into the guts of TransCorp, the faceless conglomerate made famous in the original. However this time around you’ve got a new piece of kit besides the hand-thrown knives—a bow and arrow for long-distance assassinations, complemented by larger environments where you can practice your ninja skills.

The full demo was around 15 minutes long, although for the sake of brevity I sped up a section where I forgot to properly arm myself with arrows, and also edited out one of my boring and senseless deaths.

You’ll also probably notice that I’m fuffing about with some of my tools too. The reason: the bow and arrow is the game’s first two-handed weapon. Up until now, you were able to teleport around using one hand, and have a knife ready in the other, although having a bow in one hand and a teleport gun in the other decidedly makes the old switcheroo a little more difficult at first blush.

If you’re looking for more impressions, make sure to check out our hands-on article too. There’s still plenty to peel back about Budget Cuts 2, and I personally can’t wait to get into a more expansive demo to see what new enemies, environments, and puzzles the team has in store.

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