Feature Length Immersive Film '7 Miracles' Now Available on Viveport

Vive Studios has released its ‘feature-length’ immersive film titled 7 Miracles. On the surface, the immersive film is a reenactment of the Gospel of John in the Bible that specifically centers around the seven miracles of Jesus Christ. Under the surface, however, it uses advanced filmmaking techniques such as photogrammetry and volumetric video capture to achieve 8K imagery.

Directed by Rodrigo Cerqueira and Marco Spagnoli, 7 Miracles was shot across Matera and Rome, both classic locales for returning viewers of The Passion of the Christ and Ben Hur. According to the official blog post, “The seven-part episodic feature runs over 70 minutes, making it the first feature-length cinematic experience from Vive Studios,” and one of the longest immersive films we’ve ever seen.

7 Miracles is also notable for winning the ‘Spirit of Raindance: VR Film of The Festival’ award at Raindance Film Festival 2018, as stated by Vive Studios in their blog post at that time.

While the award-winning biblical reenactment is predominantly meant for consumption via Viveport, where it is sold at $20 as a complete PCVR experience, Android owners can also join in on the gospel for $10 via the Google Play store.

In the future, Vive Studios hopes to bring 7 Miracles to additional platforms such as iOS and the Vive Wave. The studio also promises to introduce post-release content over time, citing ‘new 3D room-scale scenes’ for release with upcoming updates to Viveport users.

Currently, 7 Miracles is only available in English. You can find more information about the immersive experience at its official website.

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