E3 2019: Rebellion Unveils Sniper Elite VR Gameplay Footage, Confirms PS Aim Support

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At E3 today, Rebellion unveiled some fresh gameplay footage and revealed more details behind Sniper Elite VR, the critically acclaimed shooter’s first VR game. The studio also confirmed that PS Aim support is definitely coming to the PSVR version of the game.

Created in partnership with UK-based studio Just Add Water, Sniper Elite VR takes place in World War II Italy, set prior to the events of Rebellion’s latest entry in the series, Sniper Elite 4 (2017). Unlike previous Sniper Elite titles, the VR game is delivered in the first-person.

With a brand new story written by Tony Schumacher, author of the John Rossett novels, Sniper Elite VR embeds you in the Italian resistance fighting against the Nazis where you’ll be able to explore an array of maps including villages, airfields, and underground bunkers as you fight back to rid Sicily of the U-Boat menace.

Weaponry is said to include sniper rifles (of course), SMGs, pistols, and the tactical ‘Welrod’ suppressed pistol to name a few.

Moreover, Rebellion says Sniper Elite VR will feature free movement, which in the video appears to include teleportation as a locomotion method at least on PSVR. The studio hasn’t mentioned its full list of supported locomotion methods, so we hope to find out more here at E3.

What’s particularly interesting is how Rebellion managed to include the series’ patented X-Ray Kill Cam. According to the video, the game whisks you on an on-rails flight following the path of your bullet, where you then get an up close and personal look at the bone-shattering results of a well placed shot.


Rebellion says they’re supporting PS Aim, Move controllers, as well as DualShock 4 gamepad on PSVR.

Sniper Elite VR is set to arrive on the PlayStation Store for PSVR, and for PC VR headsets via the Oculus Store, Steam, and Viveport. There’s still no launch date on the books, so we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

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