Couch Co-op Adventure Medusa and Her Lover Launches on PSVR

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Medusa and Her Lover (2019) is a unique VR title that’s been floating around Japan since April, and the game, which delivers both a solo and couch co-op mode, is now available in the West.

Developing studio ship of EYLN has turned Greek mythology on its head a bit with their newly shipped title. Instead of a hapless victim staring at Medusa and turning to stone as per the myth, it’s Medusa’s very gaze that actively petrifies enemies, a weapon that can depleted over time and must be recharged by closing her eyes to rest.

Traveling with her is Gaios, a young guy who’s determined to cure to Medusa’s curse. But just like everyone else in the game, Medusa can’t cast her gaze at Gaios for fear of turning him to stone too.

Creator Nishida Ryota says in a PS blog post that Medusa and Her Lover can either be played with two people in local co-op or as a single player in VR, where each side of the controller takes control of a different character. Nishida maintains that due to its unique controller setup that it can lead to “hours of fun as you face the various stages of monsters.”

Local co-op mode puts one player in VR in the role of Medusa; the other player takes the role of Gaios, played via the TV screen with DualShock4 controllers. Since Medusa can’t look at Gaios, verbal communication is a must between players.

Single-player mode is admittedly a more complex experience, Nishida says, pointing out that users have to control both characters with a single DS 4 gamepad.

Medusa and Her Lover is now available on the PS Store for $20. Check out the trailer below:

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