'Blaston' Gets Single-player Campaign & Social Features in New 'Crackdown' Update – Road to VR

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Blaston (2020), the online duel-shooter from Resolution Games, released an update today called ‘Crackdown’ which brings a host of new content and social features to the game, which includes a single-player campaign.

Resolution says the new single-player campaign not only acts as a way to enhance the game’s overall appeal (there’s a boss fight), but also gives new players a way to get more comfortable with the game before heading off to duel real competitors.

In the campaign, Crackdown is said to flesh out the world of Blaston by introducing two competing factions. Here’s how Resolution describes it:

Now players, who take on the role of a new NeoTexx contender, can not only wade through the Octopresence ModOps forces cracking down on illegal Blaston matches in The Warhouse arena, but they can also make their way to the new arena, Scrapper’s Market, and take on their boss, Argentia.

The update also brings new social features that should help players better connect. A new social hub, called Ozo Lounge, lets players socialize, challenge each other to duels, take pictures and upload them to Discord, enjoy the jukebox in Disco 99, and play a newly refined version of Super Alien Blast, the game’s arcade-game-within-a-game.

Oh, and if you happen to own a bHaptics TactSuit, Crackdown also includes support for the Quest version of the game, so those users can feel incoming hits.

“We’ve seen more than 4 million online matches of Blaston played to date, and we’re just getting started,” said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “With new players discovering Blaston every day, we’re committed to building out our virtual world of underground combat for a long time to come. Crackdown is just one of several significant updates that are already on our roadmap — with a big focus on giving competitors everything they need to feel like a virtual champion.”

Blaston is available on Oculus Quest and SteamVR headsets. If you haven’t had a chance to playcheck out our hands-on with Blaston to see why we liked it so much.

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