Beat Saber Update Adds Three New Free Songs from Artist Camellia

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Beat Saber update today adds three new tracks from EDM artist Camellia to all of the game’s platforms, as well as some new maps to existing songs for the game’s ‘One Saber’ mode.

Beat Games announced today that Beat Saber has gotten three new free tracks by Japanese EDM artist Camellia, which the studio says is “extremely well-known among rhythm game community and our players.”

Along with the new tracks, the studio said in its Steam announcement that the update adds some new maps to some of the game’s existing songs for the ‘One Saber’ mode.

Prior to this release, Beat Games has been teasing that players seeking a serious challenge would have something to look forward to, and it looks like ‘Cycle Hit’ will be the song to beat. The studio shared a full playthrough of the song on Expert+ and it certainly looks like a frenzy:

The new tracks come after the studio’s second paid DLC album, OST2, which offered up a cross-album collection of tracks from hit artist Imagine Dragons. Beat Games says they’re hard at work on OST3, but haven’t revealed any of its tracks or a release date yet. The studio’s CEO, Jaroslav Beck, announced earlier this month that he was stepping down to focus more of his time on the game’s music; Beck had produced the game’s original tracks.

In addition to new music headed to the game, the studio has also been working on an entirely new and intriguing ‘360 mode’ which we previewed last month.

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