'Beat Saber' to Leave PC Early Access on May 21st, Level Editor Included – Road to VR

Beat Games today announced that their hit black-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber (2018) is finally headed out of Early Access on PC. To boot, the studio is also releasing the long-awaited official Level Editor.

Update (12:30 PM ET): Beat Games has confirmed in a tweet that the Level Editors is not coming to PSVR as per Sony’s rules.

Beat Saber first launched as an Early Access title on Steam and the Oculus Store back in May 2018, and has since added not only a few free songs, but also its first paid DLC song pack.

The studio says in a Steam news post that despite heading out of Early Access, that there’s much more planned for the game including more music packs full of “big name artists” across more genres, as well as regularly released free tracks.

Beat Games was adamant about releasing the Level Editor in the early days of development, although the actual path to that wasn’t so clear. However the studio now says they’ve decided on what they call a “very simple” 2D interface that most importantly allows you to create levels for your own audio tracks.

More importantly, with the entrance of a first-party level editor, modded songs probably won’t automatically break every time the studio updates the game—a little less stress hanging over your head as you spend hours getting that Expert+ level just right.

Beat Games maintains that all Beat Saber version are at parity, which could possibly mean that the Level Editor would come to both the PSVR version and the upcoming Oculus Quest version too (see update). We’ve reached out to Beat Games for clarification and we’ll update as soon as we hear back.

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on Beat Saber yet, this may be your last chance to get it at the Early Access price of $20. After May 21st, the price will change to $30 across all platforms. Beat Games hasn’t mentioned anything about cross-buy with Rift/Quest versions, so it’s very possible that you’ll have to buy the game twice if you already own it.

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