Beat Games CEO Steps Down to Focus on 'Beat Saber' Music – Road to VR

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Beat Games, the studio behind Beat Saber (2018), announced that company CEO Jaroslav Beck will be stepping down from his position to further pursue music deals for the studio’s block-slashing rhythm game.

Beat Games says in a multi-part tweet that Vladimir Hrincar, the co-creator behind Beat Saber (along with Jan Ilavsky), is taking over the role of the CEO.

Beck, known for creating much of the game’s original tracks, initially made a name for himself in the games industry by producing music compositions for several franchises, including music for Overwatch short films, an introduction trailer to StarCraft: Legacy of the Void, and trailers for EA Games’ Battlefield.

In 2016, Beck founded Epic Music Productions, a studio focusing on soundtrack music composition for both the games and movie industry.

In May 2018, Beck took over as CEO of the newly formed studio Beat Games, which was previously named Hyperbolic Magnetism.

Beat Games says the transition will give Beck “much bigger flexibility in pursuing music opportunities and initiatives for Beat Saber and continue to deliver the best music content for our community.”

According to Beck’s LinkedIn, he now holds the position ‘Head of Music at Beat Games’.

The game’s most recent deal brought in a DLC pack with 10 playable tracks from American pop-rock band Imagine Dragons. The studio previously released a DLC pack from various electronic artists under the Monstercat recording label.

Beck is currently working on Beat Saber’s OST Vol. III, which still doesn’t have a release date yet at the time of this writing.

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