Adorable Adventure Raccoon Lagoon Launches on Quest & Rift

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Hidden Path Entertainment, the studio behind Brass Tactics (2018) and Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition (2016), has released a new game for Rift and Quest that takes you to an adorable island filled with story quests and plenty of tasks that fans of Stardew Valley and the Animal Crossing franchise should recognize.

Called Raccoon Island, the multiplayer simulator/adventure tasks you with building a new home for a group of marooned sailors while setting out to “repair the island’s broken heart,” the studio says on the game’s official website.

The game is said to include eight different biomes filled with quests, as well as tasks such as fishing, cooking, farming, mining, painting, and themed decorations.

Hidden Path says it’s possible to speedrun the game in about six hours, although completionists could double that time as they explore the whole island.

The game, which costs $15 on Quest and Rift, also includes both cross-buy and cross-play, so you can play with friends on either platform.

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