Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Reivew – A Silver Bullet To The Heart

A scan of my immediate surroundings reveals six heavily armed soldiers, two wielding firearms with silver bullets. Behind these soon-to-be-dead guards is a mech menacingly pumping a flamethrower, clearly itching for the chance to light me up. I can quietly break each of their necks in my human form, but another look at the area highlights a vent leading to a security office. I can transform into my wolf form to dart into that space to turn off the security cameras, which would open up a less-patrolled path. I’d still have deal with that mech, though. The best play may be to abandon stealth altogether, reveal my location, and transform into a werewolf that will quickly paint the walls red with their blood. I just hope I have enough rage left in me to take down that pesky mech.

Drawing from the rich lore of the World of Darkness tabletop games, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood follows a seasoned hunter named Cahal who can shapeshift between three forms at any time. This is an exciting proposition that sadly cannot escape the crushing weight of repetition that plagues every battle and scenario. The lycanthopic action is extremely violent, and some fun can come from tearing apart enemies like they’re made of paper or tossing them at their cohorts like they are a bowling ball. This fantasy doesn’t last long, and the uninteresting story and upgrade trees cannot save it in any way. This is an experience that doesn’t have much of a bite in anything it attempts, squandering what might have been a cool approach to a stealth game.

Shapeshifting between three forms brings a surprising lack of variety in this dull hack-and-slash game.

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