Viro Move is the Latest VR Experience to Make you Sweat

There seem to be an ever-growing number of virtual reality (VR) releases which want to prove how healthy (and sweaty) VR gaming can make you. Beat Saber, BoxVR and Audica are just some of these experiences combining music a movement to provide an exciting way of burning a few calories. But what happens when you combine all three? Viro Move is what.

Indie Polish studio Fit Reality is behind Viro Move, a title which aims to encourage gamers to exercise and fitness enthusiasts to play videogames. It does this by offering three gameplay systems in one, swords, fists and guns depending on your preference.

Viro Move isn’t being billed as a VR title that simply makes you move, it wants to help you get fit. Designed to provoke natural and healthy physical fitness movements you can try increasingly demanding levels, join tournaments and climb to the top of global leaderboards. “Viro Move will adapt to your specific fitness needs, abilities and current shape, over time making you healthier, stronger, fitter and ultimately happier,” notes the press release.

“We feel that what we are working on is one-of-a-kind. I have no idea how many kilos the team lost while designing and testing the levels, but it was a lot -and that’s just a beginning. I am sure that Viro Move will help the gamers stay healthy and live longer,” says Damian, chief developer at Fit Reality in a statement.

You can think of Viro Move as a virtual coach, motivating you to train harder. Start slowly with a tutorial then hit the higher levels, using the gameplay mechanics singularly or mix-mode, where you can change weapons during dynamic workout gameplay. And because everything you do is tracked and analysed by Fit Reality’s own algorithm, you’ll see all those calories burned, an additional motivating factor.

Viro Move will support HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift and Vive Cosmos headsets when it arrives, although no specific launch date has been set at the moment. For the time being, you can always try Synth Riders which features native integration with YUR.FIT, a piece of fitness software which keeps track of player calories.

As further details on Viro Move are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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