The Biggest Gaming News For January 4, 2022

We may only be a few days into 2022, but that hasn't stopped the news from coming thick and fast. Several big announcements were made by a number of publishers today, including the confirmation that Death Stranding will be coming to Steam and Epic Games Store. We also found out what news games will be hitting Xbox Game Pass this month, and that not only is Shaquille O'Neal a big person, but that he also has a big heart as well.

Death Stranding Director's Cut Is Launching On Steam And Epic Games Store In Spring

We'll start off with arguably the biggest piece of news from today which is the confirmation that Death Stranding Director's Cut is coming to PC later this Spring. Kojima Productions and publisher 505 Games revealed on Twitter that the game will be available on Steam as well as the Epic Games Store later this year. However, Steam users who already own the base version of Death Stranding will have to wait for more info to see whether the option to upgrade for a smaller fee will be made available or not.

Xbox Game Pass Adds Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Outer Wilds, And More

Xbox Game Pass users will soon have even more games to play as the service is adding some pretty excellent titles this month. Among those is Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered collection of the first three Mass Effect titles, as well as The Outer Wilds and The Pedestrian. Those wanting to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition will require an EA Play subscription which is included with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It certainly looks like Game Pass will continue to be the best deal in gaming throughout 2022 as well.

Morbius Delayed Until April, 2022

It can't all be good news though and those hoping to see Jared Leto on the silver screen this month are going to be disappointed. Morbius was originally supposed to be hitting theatres on January 28 but has been pushed back significantly by Sony to April 1, 2022. This most recent delay marks the fourth time, with Covid-19 likely a cause for the delays. In fact, the film's new release date of April 1 will mean that Morbius has been delayed for over a year with the film originally set to release in March 2021. Here's hoping the film isn't delayed any longer.

GTA: The Trilogy's Physical Edition Has Already Dropped Out Of The Top 40

GTA: The Trilogy didn't have the best of launches last year, with Rockstar having to issue an apology due to how bug-riddled and broken they were and still are. Unfortunately, it seems like all that negativity could be affecting the game's boxed sales in the UK, with the game's physical version having dropped out of the boxed top 40 altogether in its third week. This could simply be down to the game having launched digitally a month earlier, but the negativity surrounding the game won't have helped one bit.

Shaq Bought A Load Of PS5s And Switches For Underprivileged Kids This Christmas So No, You Can't Have One

Finally, we have a feel-good story for you courtesy of former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. According to the man himself, Shaq managed to secure 1000 PS5s and 1000 Nintendo Switch consoles for underprivileged children who otherwise would have woken up with no gifts under the tree. Shaq claims that he knows someone at Nintendo who managed to get him the Switches, but how he got the PS5s is a genuine mystery. Still, Shaq has made a lot of kids happier this Christmas and isn't that the most important thing.

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