Terrifying Survival Horror Follia – Dear Father Will Support VR, Watch the Dramatic First Trailer

If there’s one job a videogame trailer needs to do it’s hook you, promising an awesome gameplay experience. When it comes to horror titles then they really do need a bit of the old scare factor as well, which is just what developer Real Game Machine and publisher Destructive Creations have managed to achieve with the announcement trailer for super scary looking Follia – Dear Father.

A survival horror experience being developed for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One including a virtual reality (VR) version for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, Follia – Dear Father is about stealth and avoiding the horrors that inevitably lurk in the darkness.

You play as protagonist called Marcus Pitt, a normal everyday guy whose parents both work at Frederick Fidelity University. Some horrific nightmare has befallen the campus, however, and it’s up to Marcus to go in and find his parents in amongst all the madness. Starting with only a few basic items including a torch, lighter and crowbar, you need to explore the dimly lit corridors for clues to the location of the parents whilst unravelling the mystery of how a university has become a slaughterhouse.

With three difficulty modes to challenge players, Follia – Dear Father features an atmospheric soundtrack and ambient sounds to pump up the tension, and it’ll make them relive the scares over and over by making them backtrack to unlock new areas of the campus.

Real Game Machine is a small indie studio based in Naples, Italy, with Follia being the Italian word for “madness”. As you’ll see in the trailer below, Follia – Dear Father mixes up the tension, ranging from the psychological – hearing and seeing things that play with the mind – all the way up to visceral jump scares where disturbing creatures suddenly appear out of the shadows you’re using to hide in. You don’t always have to hide as you do pick up weaponry on route, it’s just deciding when to fight and when to save your health.

The teams plan on releasing Follia – Dear Father Fall 2019 – it would make for a great Halloween release – across all formats. As further details are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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