Temtem: What To Expect In Early Access

The upcoming MMO creature-collecting game Temtem has now entered Early Access on Steam and is primed to take on the gaming world by storm. We live in a world in which fans of the Pokémon series have asked for years for something that expands on the basic, unchanging formula of the game and uses a distinct multiplayer experience, only to see more of the same year in, year out. Now it seems like Temtem might perfectly fill the void that has been present in our monster-catching games for so long.

Much like Pokémon, players will travel the world and have the opportunity to collect creatures to level up to form a strong roster. Creatures will have strengths and weaknesses to other types, NPCs will be present to challenge, and there will be a large emphasis on competitive play. So, what else can players expect in Temtem?

Lots Of Temtem To Catch

Beginning the adventure feels exactly like any Pokémon game, as players are given the choice of three starters to choose from: Crystle with high defense, Smazee with high offense, or Houchic with a range of debuffs. Each have their own unique stats and qualities and evolve once reaching a high enough level.

During Early Access, there are roughly 76 Temtems to collect, and the full release aims to include about 150, which might be a direct shot at Nintendo’s original game Pokémon Red & Blue. Breeding seems to have a more involved role in Temtem, with unique combinations of moves and stats available if done properly.

A Heavy Focus On Multiplayer

Temtem is clearly trying to let players know that multiplayer is a major aspect of its gameplay. Early footage almost always featured players exploring the world together, and that included fighting opponents in a cooperative manner.

The second part of any creature collection game is the combat system, and Temtem looks to offer a robust system that will satisfy PvE and PvP players. The developer claims that there will be a substantial campaign to get through while exploring the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, and there are eight Dojo leaders to defeat to become the ultimate Temtem tamer. Honestly, Nintendo could have made this game a thousand times over by now.

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The battle system appears to be the main feature that sets Temtem apart from Pokémon, and that is primarily because there is virtually no random number generator (RNG) in the game, at least on the surface. While in Pokémon, RNG affects battles by offering critical hits, accuracy, evasion, and more, Temtem seems to be more reliant on individual player skill and resource management through stamina.

When it comes to the competitive side of PvP, players will have the option to ban certain Temtems on an opponent’s team. This will demand that players bring a diverse range of strong Temtems, as relying on one or two stronger characters that can be banned will result in a short match indeed.

Player Housing And Customization

Players will have access to a broad range of personalized options, including what appears to be full housing and decoration choices. There are also several cosmetic changes that can be made to one’s appearance, hair, clothing, backpack, and more, letting players have completely unique looking characters in the game, which is useful if the multiplayer aspect brings busy and populated worlds to explore.

Play Now Or Wait Until The Game Leaves Early Access?

It can be hard to gauge how successful Temtem will be, and players should probably wait at least a while before diving in — at least until news and early reviews become available and the queues become shorter. There have been so many Early Access games that look promising, only to fold and vanish into thin air. It’s important to remember that you have access to hundreds of high-quality titles in today’s game market, and the best move is to see how Temtem continues in its development over the coming months before deciding to jump in.

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