Sephiroth Can Deal 59,000% Damage With One Hit In Smash Ultimate, Here’s How

The reveal of a new fighter to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster is always an exciting time. The build to such an event is filled with hope and speculation, and sometimes, that hope will not be dashed when the new fighter is revealed. In December 2020, Sephiroth was added to the roster. Sephiroth is only the second playabale Final Fantasy character to make it into the ever-expanding world of Super Smash Bros. However, he already holds an impressive record over every other fighter on the roster.

Sephiroth has a move at his disposal that can deal more damage to an opponent than any other fighter in the game. The discovery was made and demonstrated by Nintendo Unity. Fair warning, this isn’t something that is ever going to happen by accident. It takes a particular set of circumstances that will only ever happen in a controlled environment. Nintendo Unity puts those parameters in place in Smash Ultimate’s training mode, and you can see it in action below.

The move is Sephiroth’s Gigaflare. It’s impressive enough without any tweaks as it doles out a not-too-shabby 47% damage. However, with all of Nintendo Unity’s steps in place, that 47% is taken all the way up to an incredible 59,275.6%, and no, that is not a typo. If you want to try and mimic this incredible move for yourself, we’ve detailed how to do so below. Take a deep breath, there’s a lot of steps.

Shulk, You’re Up

First of all, you will need to make sure that Sephiroth has taken enough damage for him to have entered his winged state. This will be evident via a black feather he sprouts and it will increase his damage output by 1.3x. Gigaflare can also only reach the dizzying heights detailed above when used against Shulk. This is due to the fact Shulk’s Buster Monado power boost increases the damage he receives by another 1.3x.

Next up are the game settings that need to be in place. Turning stale moves on might seem like a backward step as this feature was created to decrease a move’s power. However, that’s only when the move has been used multiple times. When a move is used for the first time, this setting actually increases its damage output by 1.05x. On top of that, damage output is increased 1.2x when fighters are one-on-one. Nothing needs to be tweaked for this boost, the multiplier is built-in. The final step in settings is to make sure Sephiroth is level three, increasing his damage output by another 1.3x.

Hades vs. Papercraft Mario

Spirits can play a huge part in the effectiveness of fighters in Smash Ultimate. Selecting the right ones is key to this process, and here’s why. You will need to select Hades as Sephiroth’s primary spirit. Hades’ trade-off attacks ability gives Sephiroth’s damage output a further 1.23x boost. Couple that with Demon Style and the output is boosted yet again, this time by 1.2x. For his other spirits, apply Giant Killer and Metal Killer. Shulk can be made giant and metal in training mode, and will thus take 1.4x more damage from Sephiroth’s for each.

Shulk’s spirits can further increase the damage output from Sephiroth’s Gigaflare. The Papercraft Mario spirit is the best option as it is weak against fire and also Sephiroth’s Hades spirit. The Demon Style you applied will also lower this spirit’s defense. When all of this is applied correctly, it grants Sephiroth’s attacks another 1.3x boost and also weakens Shulk’s defense by 0.8x. The fire weakness also improves Sephiroth’s damage output by another 1.2x.

Setting The Stage

Don’t worry. we’re almost done. The final steps you will need to take involve the stage and the items available. Being blessed with The Dark Emperor on the Find Mii stage will increase Sephiroth’s output yet again, this time by an impressive 1.78x. It’s the Vince assist trophy that is the real cherry on this complex cake, though. It might look ridiculous, but when it’s in play it will allow Sephiroth’s damage output to increase three-fold.  Last but not least, equipping Sephiroth and Shulk with Franklin Badges will have them reflect the move back and forth, further increasing its power by 1.3x. Then you can let fly and watch the magic happen as Shulk flies off the screen faster than you could ever imagine.

I did warn you there are a lot of steps. There’s a far less-wordy rundown of what to do below. It doesn’t include the additional steps Nintendo Unity believes might increase the move’s power even further, though. They think that if you use homerun bats instead of Franklin Badges, its damage could be pushed into the six-figure region.

  • Take enough damage with Sephiroth for him to enter his winged state.
  • Select Shulk to be Sephiroth’s opponent.
  • Turn Stale Moves on in settings.
  • Damage output will be increased when fighters are one-on-one (built-in setting).
  • Set Sephiroth to level three. Shulk’s level can remain unchanged.
  • Set Hades as Sephiroth’s primary spirit and apply Demon Style.
  • Set Sephiroth’s other spirits as Giant Killer and Metal Killer. Also, make sure Shulk is giant and metal when you attempt the move.
  • Set Shulk’s primary spirit to Papercraft Mario.
  • Use the Find Mii stage and activate The Dark Emperor.
  • Use the Vince assist trophy.
  • Equip both Sephiroth and Shulk with Franklin badges.

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