Resident Evil Village: Who Is Blue Umbrella?

Throughout the Resident Evil games and even films, Umbrella were the bad guys, but when you reach the end of 7, there they are in a new color, with former protagonist Chris Redfield, acting as… good guys?

Blue Umbrella or, as it’s known in-universe, Umbrella Co., is a corporation dedicated to undoing the mess of Red Umbrella, its predecessor. This may explain why Chris Redfield who has fought against Umbrella time and time again is now in its midst, but the BSAA was already working to counteract much of the damage caused by Umbrella as seen in Resident Evil 5 and 6, so why did he jump ship?

Well, the short answer is – he didn’t. Chris is an adviser from the BSAA sent over to Blue Umbrella to keep an eye on it as he doesn’t fully trust it, and rightfully so. On the surface, Blue Umbrella claims to be all about atoning for the sins of the past Umbrella, yet it’s made up of former members of the old company who stuck around after the stocks crashed. Former members, old name, same logo, new color – it’s not the most reassuring re-brand, but perhaps there’s more to it. I’d argue that Blue Umbrella is a red herring, a change in tactic, moving from the traditional onslaught of traditional warfare and attacks to politics and scheming. To what end? Replacing the BSAA.

It’s not the first time that Umbrella has created factions dedicated to clean-up, with even members not realizing how messed up the company is at large, as evidenced by Carlos in Resident Evil 3. He was part of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, sent into Raccoon City due to the outbreak caused by none other than Umbrella itself. Jill Valentine opened his eyes, and most of the members were likely in the same boat as ol’ Carlos, so for all intents and purposes, the faction was the purest of Umbrella.

While, at the time, the UBCS was under Red Umbrella, Blue Umbrella has been around longer than suspected, perhaps reaching back to Resident Evil 5. Employees deemed trustworthy by the US government reformed Umbrella under a new name with a new identity. It even has ties to the BSAA already, which might make shutting it down all the more easy a task.

In Resident Evil 5, a file reveals that the BSAA is funded by pharmaceutical companies, one of which – Tricell – were actually behind the BOW problems in that very game, but Blue Umbrella – or Umbrella Co. – also backs the BSAA separately, and we are only now beginning to find out more about this shady resurfacing of an old enemy. Something that many are pondering is just who is behind the company – who is its head?

Many of Umbrella’s higher-ups and employees have been enemies of a cheesy comic-book caliber such as the famous Albert Wesker with his black shades, slicked-back hair, and refusal to die, so much so that it took Redfield throwing him into a volcano to finally ‘kill’ him – whether that stuck is a different concern…

These types tried to thwart the BSAA, shutting it down through attacks and physical means of power, but to no avail, yet the BSAA is slowly being whittled down into nothing by Blue Umbrella through politics, a much longer game that’s unwinding behind the scenes. Perhaps it’s an old face at the head of the company or a new foe yet to be revealed. Either way, backed by the UN with promises of self-funding, Blue Umbrella is the shinier, newer, more appealing BSAA, able to handle BOWs without emptying the taxpayer’s wallet, all with support from the United Nations. What if that’s the end goal – to get the BSAA out of the way?

It’s possible, but what role Chris Redfield plays – adviser, double agent, an actual believer in Blue Umbrella’s mythos, brainwashed, or whatever else – is unclear. At any rate, something is up with our favorite boulder-puncher in Village.

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