Please Don’t Let New Pokemon Snap Fall Through The Cracks Amidst Arceus Hype

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the trailer for New Pokemon Snap yet (who are we kidding—of course you have), but it looks absolutely brilliant. With new graphics, Pokemon, and a plot to uncover the mystery behind the Illumina phenomenon, we should be totally hyped for this game. Considering that the original Pokemon Snap came out on the Nintendo 64 more than 20 years ago, this is a long-awaited remake, and I’m afraid that with how they chose to announce all the new Pokemon games, New Pokemon Snap is going to slip under the radar.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m as pumped as everyone else about the new open world Pokemon game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. I’ve even written about how the announcement of the game sparked my dying passion for the Pokemon series as a whole. I might be a little less excited about Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, but I’m sure they’ll be good games. I realized that between writing my own pieces and talking to my friends about this topic, I had entirely forgotten about New Pokemon Snap, though. I thought it was awesome when it was announced, though I had my doubts about it being a gateway for me to get back into the main Pokemon games.

I’m hoping that everyone only had temporary tunnel-vision excitement for Arceus and that we can re-focus some hype on New Pokemon Snap, coming out in a little over a month, on April 30. What makes Pokemon Snap so remarkable is that it captures a side of the Pokemon world that we don’t really get in other games. Not to say that the other games are too violent, but it is indescribably nice to be able to just observe these lovable creatures, give them food, and take pictures of them flourishing out in their natural habitat. Pokemon Snap provides a feel of serenity and wonder that the other Pokemon games do not, making it stand out in the series in a wonderful way.

I’ve read some people claim that New Pokemon Snap is unnecessary with the creation of Pokemon Go, and I’m not sure why they think so. Yes, you can take pictures in Pokemon Go, but who spends the time on that? The focus on Pokemon Go is nothing like that of Pokemon Snap. No one is raving about how wondrous it is to explore and see Pokemon in their natural habitats. With Pokemon Go, people are focused on gym battles and filling the Pokedex with every Pokemon (and their shiny versions). Are you really trying to tell me that when you play Pokemon Go, you’re thinking, “wow, I’ve really stepped into their world?”

Not to mention in Pokemon Snap, you can meaningfully interact with the environment. You aren’t just walking into a Pokemon to start a battle on another screen, and you aren’t tapping on things to chuck Pokeballs at Pokemon who sit there (in a rather unrealistic way), waiting for you to catch them before they decide to dip. In Pokemon Snap, you can toss fruit to Pokemon, and then watch them take notice and interact with it. You can also observe them playing together or running away from each other. It’s a completely different immersive experience that not only deserves recognition in its own right, but the new game certainly deserves the publicity and hype.

So please, let’s give New Pokemon Snap a little more attention as we ramp up to its release next month.

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