Play Through the Beautiful Quixote Valley in Walkabout Mini Golf Today

Walkabout Mini Golf has become one of the highest-rated titles on the Oculus Quest store and the videogames’ recent release on Steam is doing just as well. Today, developer Might Coconut has announced the launch of Walkabout Mini Golf’s eighth course, a mixture of rocky terrain and lush green pastures, Quixote Valley.

The landscape and towering windmills also give a hint at what to expect from the course, some blustery conditions where the wind will alter the ball’s trajectory in some areas. That new wind mechanic should greatly increase the complexity of the course and give veteran players a proper challenge. Just like all the other courses, Quixote Valley will feature a full 18-holes to complete as well as a new custom club and, of course, many lost balls to try and find.

Quixote Valley joins the likes of Bogey’s Bonanza, the previous course addition which was released in June. This has a Frontier aesthetic with skulls on the course and dramatic sunset lighting.

If you’ve not played Walkabout Mini Golf just yet it’s currently available for Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. With solo and multiplayer modes, you’re able to create a quick online match or create a private room for you and four mates for a bit of friendly competition. After you’ve putted your way through all the standard courses you can ramp up the difficulty by activating Night Mode.

When you’re not playing golf you can always hunt down those hidden lost balls or literally fly around the courses, great for admiring the view or for learning their hidden secrets.

See Quixote Valley in all its green splendour in the trailer below and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.
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