Oculus Quest: The Top 10 Games to buy on Launch Day

So you’ve spent your hard earned cash on a nice new Oculus Quest headset and now you need some awesome content to put the headset to good use. There’s certainly plenty to get your teeth stuck into, whether that’s action, horror, comedy, relaxation or to work up a sweat. The difficulty in choosing is what to purchase next, so VRFocus is here to guide you on the best videogames to add to your library.

None of these recommendations will feature the free content available such as YouTube VR, VRChat, PokerStars VR or Rec Room as they’re free, so should be the first ones you download anyway.

What we’re interested in are the ones that cost you cash as they range from £7.99 GBP all the way up to £22.99. There are some instant standout titles ported over from Oculus Rift, plus some brand new originals which have arrived just for the headset launch.

So in no particular order, the 10 best videogames to buy are:

Beat Saber – £22.99

The highly popular rhythm-action title has taken the VR world by storm over the past year and shows no signs of letting up. With thumping music and addictive gameplay, Beat Saber will have friends saying ‘just one more go’ as they try again on Expert+ level. This is one videogame where you will work up a sweat and burn some calories, and enjoy doing it at the same time.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – £7.99

This isn’t a videogame, instead Vader Immortal: A Stars Wars VR Series shows you the future of VR entertainment. Mixing cinematic design with interactive gameplay, this first episode slots you into the Star Wars universe between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. While you don’t necessarily need to be an avid fan to enjoy the roughly 50-60 minute experience, it certainly doesn’t hurt – especially when the lightsaber comes into play.

SUPERHOT VR – £18.99

Another title that has an avid fan base much like Beat Saber, SUPERHOT VR is one of those delightfully simple yet gloriously engaging VR experiences where the screenshots struggle to capture the gameplay. Essentially a first-person shooter (FPS), the trick here is that time only moves when you do, allowing for all sorts of Matrix-style bullet dodging.

Apex Construct – £14.99

One of VRFocus’ favourite bow shooters when it first arrived on PlayStation VR, Apex Construct by Fast Travel Games doesn’t seem to have suffered from its port to Oculus Quest. Somehow the studio has managed to cram in all the action or the original whilst maintaining the all-important bow features. A great adventure for all players.

Robo Recall: Unplugged – £22.99

Another reason why VR FPS videogames are the best, Epic Games’ Robo Recall stunned when it arrived for Oculus Rift. All out action that showcases VR at it’s best, whether that’s shooting robots or getting in close to get your hands dirty, the Oculus Quest version has lost none of the excitement, all it lacks is some of the visual fidelity of the PC original.

Journey of the Gods – £22.99

Turtle Rock Studios has released two new videogames for the launch of Oculus Quest. While Face Your Fears 2 hasn’t made this list, stylish action-adventure Journey of the Gods has. Offering a large world to explore with fantastical creatures to fight, you chose to fight with a crossbow, sword and shield or mix between the two. Along the way, there are secrets to be discovered and upgrades to be had to the boss fights a little fairer.

Moss – £22.99

Easily demonstrating that all VR content doesn’t need to be first-person, Polyarc’s Moss is an adorable third-person puzzle title featuring a little mouse named Quill. She doesn’t say anything but knows you’re there guiding her, with you and Quill able to talk to each other through sign language. The studio has updated the videogame for the launch adding further content for players.

Creed: Rise to Glory – £22.99

Float like and butterfly and sting like a bee in one of the more realistic experiences for the standalone headset. Creed: Rise to Glory by Survios puts you in the film, able to train with the likes of Rocky Balboa, before heading into the ring to see if you’ve got the skills to last. Another high energy videogame, this will definitely feel like a workout.

Shadow Point – £14.99

Coming from British VR studio Coatsink Software, Shadow Point is a nice relaxing puzzler that’s all about light and shadows. Great for first time VR players, don’t be deceived by the cartoon design work, the challenges start off easy but do become more complicated as the gameplay develops. Plus there’s the added bonus with Sir Patrick Stewart doing the story narration, which is nice.

Job Simulator – £14.99

Finally, VRFocus finishes with an oldie but a goldie. Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator has supported almost every VR headset released and done well on all of them. The quintessential pick-up and play VR experience that’s all about using your hands, everyone who likes VR needs to have played this at least once. It’s bizarre, funny, and difficult to put down.

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