Oculus Quest: An Accessories Guide

It’s the 21st May so that means its Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S launch day. While the Rift S updates the three-year-old design of the original, the Oculus Quest is the headset which has garnered most of the attention thanks to its all-in-one, wireless design, and ability to support Rift-quality experiences. Like any new piece of kit, owners will want to look after it and maximise its potential, which is where the accessories come in to play

Official Oculus Quest Accessories

To start with let’s look at the two official accessories Oculus is selling. For most owners, the most important additional purchase will likely be a protective case. After spending £399/$399 on a nice new virtual reality (VR) headset you won’t want to leave it laying around where it can get knocked or worse lenses scratched, plus there’s the added factor that you may want to take Oculus Quest out and about to show friends and family.

So the Oculus Quest Travel Case which retails for £40 helps to provide a good home when the headset is not in use. Capable of housing not only Oculus Quest but the Oculus Touch controllers and charging accessories, the official travel case provides a snug enclosure with a solid out layer for protection.

For those who want immersive audio without the distraction of outside noise then a dedicated set of headphones are needed. While any set of in-ear or over-ear headphones with a 3.5mm jack will suffice, the Oculus Quest In-ear Headphones for £49 are the ones for the brand loyal fans.

Should the worst happen and you need a replacement part, Oculus has the basics via its website:

  • Oculus Quest Standard Facial Interface – £29
  • 15W USB-C Power Adapter for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore – £19
  • Oculus Touch Left-hand Controller – £69
  • Oculus Touch Right-hand Controller – £69

Third-Party Oculus Quest Accessories

If you’re after accessories but don’t want to pay official prices there are some cheaper alternatives. VR Cover, for example, has been selling facial interfaces for numerous VR headsets over the years and has recently revealed two new product lines for Oculus Quest.

The first is the VR Cover Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set which retails for $29.00 and comes with a facial interface and a pair of wipeable PU leather foam replacements in 2 versions: standard and comfort. Then there are the Oculus Quest VR Covers which retail for $19.00, 100% cotton covers which simply attach over the standard Oculus Quest interface – they are washable, so great for swapping between friends.

These will be available soon, with the VR Cover Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set shipping from 6th June, while the Oculus Quest VR Covers ship 8th June.

When it comes to third-party travel cases for Oculus Quest there aren’t any dedicated to the headset just yet. There are a number of more generic cases available and even some for Oculus Rift which are cheaper than the official version.

Being the portable device it is, Oculus Quest has a run time of around 2-3 hours depending on use. If a wall socket isn’t nearby then you may also want to consider a portable battery pack such as high-capacity units like the Anker PowerCore 20100 or the Moshi Porto Q 5K.

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