Neverboard Brings Free-to-Play Board Gaming to Oculus Quest This Fall

Boardgames are great in virtual reality (VR) with the likes of Catan VR and Demeo prime examples of that fact. Today, Oculus Launchpad alumni Evernever Games has announced its entry into the space, a colourful, free-to-play experience called Neverboard; set to arrive later this year.

Designed as a social board gaming experience for 2 – 4 players, Neverboard is all about reigniting that classic gaming night with friends; just in VR. As a free-to-play title, Neverboard will come with one free game to get players started, Crazy 8s, with a further three games to purchase if you so wish. These will include classics like chess but Evernever Games hasn’t revealed how much each additional game will retail for. However, it will run a demo service where you can try before you buy.

Additional content costs in-game currency which is available free each day and to purchase in the in-game store. Once the launch has taken place the studio will release regular updates adding new games, features, and content.

Neverboard isn’t purely about the games either. Friends can hang out together, chat and just socialise if they want between games. Or explore some of the available concessions like pizzas or tomatoes, always great for starting a food fight. 

“We are excited to see players finding the joy in being with others in VR during a time when being together while apart is more important than ever,” says creator Jasmine Bulin in a statement. “So many board games have this amazing power to enrich friendships and VR enhances the magic of the shared activity by allowing friends to play together anywhere and at any time. With Neverboard, friends around the globe can finally get game night back on the calendar.”

Evernever Games aim to release Neverboard this autumn for Oculus Quest as a free-to-play title. For further updates on all the latest Oculus Quest releases, keep reading VRFocus.
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