Landfall Dev Announces Third VR Title Time Stall for Oculus Quest

Dutch virtual reality (VR) developer Force Field Entertainment has released a couple of title up to now, Term1nal for Samsung Gear VR and Landfall for Oculus Rift. The studio has now unveiled its third videogame – and it’s first for Oculus Quest – Time Stall. 

As the name implies, Time Stall is all about time manipulation, namely slow motion. “Time Stall is loosely inspired by Quicksilver’s classic Pentagon kitchen scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past, where Quicksilver neutralizes all kinds of threats in slow motion,” states the developer in a press release.

Set in a luxury spaceship – which looks like the one out of Fifth Element – players have complete free-roam inside this semi-frozen moment in time where they have to solve a range of puzzles. From physics-based to time-based puzzles, these all need to be solved in order to save all the guests onboard.

The story goes that you play a Volunteer Safety Human aboard the Fantastic Leap, a crowdfunded luxury escape cruise. Alas, as a crowdfunded project which didn’t meet its funding goal lots of cost-cutting went into the design of the ship, leaving it with one or two safety issues. Which is where you come in, saving the ship from disaster over and over again, in any way you see fit. Those decisions can then lead to disastrous or hilarious results – depends on how evil you’re feeling.

“Designed with complete freedom in mind, Time Stall is a room-scale experience where you can freely roam through an action scene almost frozen in time, manipulating the trajectory of hazardous objects, as such the game is ideal for an untethered headset,” said Martin de Ronde, Force Field’s Chief Creative Officer in a statement. “Time Stall is a unique room-scale action-puzzler built exclusively for Oculus Quest.”

Since the launch of Oculus Quest, there hasn’t been a massive deluge of VR titles. Most recently Mozilla announced  Firefox Reality support, Amazon Prime Video is now available in the UK and US, and Oculus Go emulation is on the way.

Force Field Entertainment will launch Time Stall for Oculus Quest on 15th August 2019. VRFocus will continue its coverage of TIme Stall, reporting back with the latest updates.

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