Is Sonic The Hedgehog The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date?

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie coincidentally released on Valentine’s Day, but is it worth bringing your date to?

Surprisingly, the movie adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog has released to decent reviews. While the movie has been criticized for playing it safe with a human protagonist and foreseeable plot elements, it is overall praised as a fun, popcorny adventure with a classic Jim Carrey appeal.

It can’t help but be noticed, though, that Sonic the Hedgehog is being released on Valentine’s Day, the day for romance and celebration thereof. Nothing is inherently wrong with this, but it has the implication that this was intentional. As such, is Sonic the Hedgehog, indeed, a good movie to go see with your Valentine’s Day date?

There isn’t exactly a romantic interest in the movie itself, nor is it billed as a romantic movie of any kind. More often, it’s more fitting to see romantic comedies or romance-based cinema on Valentine’s Day with your date if movie-watching is your thing. Therefore, Sonic the Hedgehog suffices as a decent action movie and exceptional movie adaptation of a video game but lacks the conventional appeal of a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day.

To give Sonic the Hedgehog its due, it can be argued that two moviegoers of the gaming variety could easily treat themselves to Sonic the Hedgehog on Valentine’s Day. Surely, they will be surprised at its bucking of the video game movie adaptation trend. Beyond this, Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t exactly “set the mood.”

Now, the Sonic game series might be a fun Valentine’s Day date. These (sometimes) classic games provide high-octane platforming, with the older titles giving the most experienced of gamers a real challenge. Throughout the series, there are few romances, save for Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog.

Unfortunately, there’s another “romantic interest” that Sonic fans tend to want to omit, and for good reason. Princess Elise was a human character in the Sonic the Hedgehog title on Xbox 360 and PS3 that Sonic kissed, and uncomfortably so. Ultimately, it’s best to try and forget about this.

At the end of the day, if the two of you are hardcore gamers or Sonic fans, then Sonic the Hedgehog might be a great movie to see together. Otherwise, there are other romance and higher-quality movies that are available to see now, including the Birds of Prey film, The Photograph, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and numerous others.

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