How To Spend The Perfect Valentine’s Day in Skyrim

There are fewer joys in life equal to bonding and spending some intimate moments with your companion in the glorious, fantastical universe of Skyrim. Unlike the comparatively drab happenings of real life, there is so much more to experience within the mountainous ranges and vast wilderness of Bethesda’s beloved RPG, especially with a loved one by your side. You can, for instance, visit the macabre abode of the Dark Brotherhood, so your companion will finally understand what it is that you actually do for a living. You can slay a dragon together and show off your unparalleled combat skills to your adoring partner—but watch out when they become too eager to prove their worth in battle. Or you can bring them to see your Greybeard buddies at the summit of High Hrothgar (your friends won’t really make for good company though, since every word they utter can result in a terrible, world-ending storm).

That said, if you’re running out of ideas on how you can spend your Valentine’s Day—possibly the most magical day of the year—with your companion, I do have a few suggestions in mind.

Read a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid

Set the mood for this wonderful day right with a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid by the famed author Crassius Curio, and discover the lonely escapades of the Argonian maid, Lifts-Her-Tail, as she polishes the long spear of her baron, and kneads the massive loaf of her mistress. Read the book out loud to your companion to bring a spark of romance back into your lives, and watch as they stare unblinkingly into your eyes for a few moments, before informing you that they are sworn to carry your burdens.

Bring your Valentine out for hunts

Why not bring your companion out for some good ol’ fashioned hunts, rather than leaving them stuck at home with little else to do? Pick a fight with a towering giant, or yell some thu'um at an unfortunate dragon. Go spelunking in some underground Dwemer Ruins, and chance upon automatons or the fallen Falmer. Some may mistake the flush of adrenaline you feel in your chest for the blossoming of young love, but does it really matter? Hunting is the main choice of activity for Skyrim adventurers, and this day can be made a little more special by doing so with your beloved companion. Just make sure, of course, that your companion doesn’t get themselves too grievously injured; keep some Restoration spells handy just in case.

Give them gifts—or reverse pickpocket them

Want to express your interest in your companion beyond just showing them the Amulet of Mara hanging around your neck? Get them a gift instead, like a beautiful piece of jewellery—a circlet, ring or necklace would be a good idea, and when enchanted it can even grant your companion additional buffs. But because you’re such a boring traditionalist, the only way you can initiate this conversation is to tell them that you are interested in trading something with them, and then handing them the item you have in mind. For a lovely surprise, however, you can also reverse pickpocket your companion and drop the item you have in mind onto their bodies. Imagine their surprise when they find a ring in their pockets the next day!

Note: Your silly companion may also accuse you of general thievery if your reverse pickpocketing attempt fails, so remember to save before every attempt.

Murder your competition

What’s life in Skyrim without a little bit of competition and healthy rivalry? That said, that Nord seems to be making eyes at your companion. Why not confront them about it, or just finish them off if they deny it, or refuse to even answer your questions? All’s fair in love and war, anyway—and you’re the Dovahkiin, for the love of Stendarr.

Take a scenic trip via the bucket glitch

Scenic walks and hikes along the meandering, sparkling rivers and in the dense, lush forests of Skyrim is a great idea even by yourself, but with your companion the day can become truly memorable. Why not take your date to another level and soar towards the skies with the help of a bucket? All you need is a regular bucket with a handle, hop onto it, and then pick up said bucket. You’ll be soaring through the skies in no time—and hopefully your companion will follow your cue and fly alongside you through an endless diamond sky.

Cook them a fantastic meal

If you’re married, your spouse can prepare a home-cooked meal for you once a day. Why not do the same for them? Figure out what’s their favourite dish—vegetable soup, Horker stew, or even an Elsweyr fondue—and reverse pickpocket it into their bodies. Turns out they don’t actually eat food like regular people do, but that’s just part of their charm anyway.

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