Fortnite Fortbyte 20 Location Found at the center of any of the first three Storm Circles

Epic Games latest Fortnite Fortbyte challenge has just gone live and since I just gave the kids two ice creme’s I better get on with this guide pronto if I want to avoid a sticky situation.

After weeks of these Fortbyte challenges, we’re still working towards that excellent looking Singularity Skin that leaked earlier this week.

You need to collect 90 (out of 100) Fortbyte’s to obtain it, so you better get moving.

It won’t be easy and if you need a handy beginner guide to get you going, check out the below link:

• What are Fortbytes? Where to find Fortbytes? And what the Fortbyte Rewards are?

Today’s new Fortnite challenge is for Fortbyte 20, available as of Sunday June 23rd. It has a clue that reads: ‘Found at the center of any of the first three Storm Circles

This challenge ain’t too hard, especially if you have our guide helping you out.

We’ll all be one step closer to obtaining that skin and beginning Fortnite Season 10 in no time.

Now read on as we help you understand how to unlock today’s new Fortbyte puzzle piece.

Looking for more Fornite Season 9 help? We don’t blame you, Epic Games crammed an awful lot into the Season 9 Battle Pass.

Even if you’re a pro, it’s not always easy when you can’t remember where to go when you have to locate 100 Fortnite Fortbyte locations.

As if that’s not enough, you got to start preparing for the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges and all the various beach-themed rewards on offer coming soon.

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Fortbyte 20 Found at the center of any of the first three Storm Circles.

This challenge is both simple and likely to confuse players no end.

As the title suggests, the Fortbyte can be found “at the center of any of the first three Storm Circles.”

So that means it could be ANYWHERE.

What you need to do, is wait for the storm circle to appear when the match begins, head for the middle and you should find it slap bang in the middle.

A little floating purple lightning bolt will be present to show where the Fortbtye should be sitting.

If you want some extra hand-holding, check out the YouTube video from our regular Fortbyte resource, Gattu, a Fortnite content creator on YouTube.

Get to the location and collect your Fortbyte. Of course, make sure to finish the game for your progress to count.

And that is it! Check back tomorrow for our next Fortnite Fortbyte guide, which I’ll be able to write from the comfort of a desk and no sticky handed children.

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