Fortnite Birthday Cake Map locations To Gain Health and Shields from Birthday Cakes

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations

Above, we’ve added a map as created by the Instagram account (@Fortbyte).

If you’re more of a list person, simply scan your eyes on the below and think about where your nearest bit of cake is. 

Otherwise, ogle the map and smash those challenges!

• In the centre of Shifty Shafts
• On the island just to the east of the vault at Loot Lake
• Next to the solar arrays east of Paradise Palms
• In the Northwest section of Salty Springs
• In the middle of Fatal Fields
• Near the middle of Junk Junction
• Near the middle of Pleasant Park
• In the Viking town in the Snow Biome
• On the hill next to the desert racetrack

Fortnite Birthday Event 2019 Challenges and Rewards

  • Play Matches – 0/10 – Reward: Birthday Gun Skin
  • Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes – 0/10 – Birthday Music Track
  • Outlast Opponents – 0/500 – Birthday Spray
  • Gain Health or shield from Birthday Cake – 0/50 – Birthday Emoticon
  • Fortnite
  • Fortnite Season 10

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