First Trailer Drops for Skiing VR on Steam

You might be enjoying the summer weather at the moment but the winter season isn’t too far away and what better way to enjoy those chilly months than with a spot of skiing, digitally, of course. Indie virtual reality (VR) developer DGMA has revealed the first trailer for its upcoming title Skiing VR for PC VR headsets.

Designed as a skiing simulator with single and multiplayer modes, Skiing VR will offer four gameplay modes for players to compete in. They’ll be able to compete against friends or partake in cooperative competitions, whilst a more arcade-style mode drops coins onto the courses.

These won’t be your average professional ski slopes by the sound of it, with DGMA revealing that skiers will need to keep their wits about them. Courses will include obstacles, bonuses and dangers as players look to secure victory, with wild animals also making an appearance.

When it comes to keeping control the realistic mechanics feature a combination of ski poles and head movement to guide skiers down the slopes. So expect a decent shoulder workout when going for those best times and remember to bend those knees!

Currently, DGMA expects to launch Skiing VR on both Steam and Oculus stores this October, although no specific date during the month has been mentioned just yet.

Skiing VR will join a slowly growing lineup of VR winter sports titles, with Carve Snowboarding released a few months back for Oculus Quest or there’s Terje Haakonsen’s Powder VR which saw an early access launch last year.

Check out the trailer below and for further Skiing VR updates, keep reading VRFocus.
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