First Teaser Trailer Arrives for Finger Gun on Meta Quest

Using your fingers to pretend to shoot guns followed by a few “pew-pew” sound effects always seemed like a natural pastime as a kid, so it’s no wonder that that experience was the inspiration behind the latest videogame announcement for Meta Quest. Miru Studio has teased the first details for its upcoming shooter Finger Gun, which, you guessed it, uses hand tracking.

Finger Gun is going to be a wave-based shooter with a wild west theme, the main draw being that it’ll use Quest’s hand tracking so you can simply point your finger at an enemy and shoot. Now, as everyone knows, shooting a finger gun means sticking your thumb up and flicking it down to “shoot”, almost as if you’re cocking the hammer on a pistol. While Miru Studio hasn’t confirmed if that is the case here, the very brief trailer does show the character thumbs flicking a lever on the side of each weapon, so that could very well be the case here.

The developer has also revealed that you’ll be fighting against lots of flying robots, with pistols and what look like mini Gatling guns, so there’s going to be a selection of weapons to select from. It’s unknown currently if Finger Gun will feature 360-degree environments or a 180-degree style similar to Space Pirate Trainer, and whether any reloading will be required. It could just be an all-out shooting fest.

“As kids, we spent hours playing finger guns and imagining different worlds and enemies to be taken down. We saw the opportunity to bring this feeling back with Quest hand tracking, and that’s precisely what we have done,” said Miru Studio in a statement.

This will be the first virtual reality (VR) title from Miru Studio, an indie team based in Spain. Finger Gun will be joining a very select group of titles on Meta Quest to solely employ hand tracking as their control method. Whilst videogames such as Cubism and Clash of Chefs VR have added the option of hand tracking in post-launch updates, only a few VR experiences focus on hand tracking, one of the biggest to arrive recently was Anotherway’s Unplugged, where you can jam to classic rock tunes in an air guitar fashion.

As Miru Studio release further details for Finger Gun, VRFocus will keep you updated.
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