Days Gone Zombie Horde Gameplay Guide: How to slay freaker hordes to earn One Down trophy

I see dead people: how to confront a horde and initiate the fight

No matter where you decide to face a horde, you need to get the first attack in before they notice you. Firstly, make a stamina cocktail to increase your endurance (necessary for when you run from the horde), then sneak into a position where your attacks can reach the horde, but they still can’t see you. Now it’s time to start the fight.

Equip either a frag grenade, pipe bomb or Molotov cocktail and chuck it in the middle of the horde to take down a few members before the fight properly begins. After this initial attack, aim another explosive at the exit closest to you while the Freakers begin to pour out of their hiding hole. This will earn you a few more easy kills.

If possible, it’s best to use a Molotov for this second attack as the next wave of Freakers will run through the flames taking extensive damage (if not outright dying) in the fire. Now you need to run. Hordes, especially the larger ones, are made of hundreds of Freakers. If they catch up to you, you’re dead.

How to become a lean, mean zombie-killing machine (gun)

Once you’ve created substantial distance between you and the horde, turn to face them and open fire. A machine gun is the best weapon for this as it’s speedy firing rate paired with high capacity for ammunition means that you’ll be able to sway the weapon from side to side taking down the front line of Freakers.

It’s best to purchase extended magazines as well as fill your saddlebags with extra ammunition to help you better prepare for these fights. Camps with higher trust levels will be able to provide you with more powerful guns.

Divide and conquer: the best way to finish off an angry horde

As the Freakers close in, pull back once again and run or get on your bike to gain some distance between yourself and the horde. The aim now is to only gain the attention of the front half of the horde, allowing the Freakers at the back to lose interest and back off. Don’t worry, you can come back for the stragglers later and this tactic makes dealing with the group much easier.

Once you have half of the group following you, move to another vantage point and continue with your tactic of gunning down the first line of Freakers and then retreating. When only two or three are left switch to a melee weapon to save your ammunition.

Once you’ve killed all the Freakers in the first group return to the hibernation space or use your survival instincts to locate the remaining members of the horde. Repeat your earlier methods and don’t be afraid to get on your bike and retreat if you suddenly feel overwhelmed.

When the last freaker falls you’ll finally earn the ‘One Down’ trophy, congratulations!

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