Best Gamer Halloween Costumes, Including Hilarious "Gamer Grill"

Halloween as a holiday may be over, but our love for some of the coolest gaming costumes lives on forever in our hearts. From one gamer’s pun-y take on the “Gamer Grill” gamer girl meme to some seriously impressive Miles Morales love, here are some of our favorite Halloween costumes we’ve come across. 

First up, I’ve got to give a nod to r/the_mess_express because we’ve seen a million iterations of this meme, but this costume is beyond perfect: 

But wait, there’s more: 

Twitter had some pretty cool Halloween drops as well: 

My Halloween costume from yesterday! 🏹 Amber from Genshin Impact!! #原神 @GenshinImpact

There are so many more amazing Halloween costumes. As gamers, especially those that aren’t super into the creation of cosplay, Halloween is the perfect chance to shout out that gaming love loud and proud! Have a cool Halloween costume of your own to share! Post ’em up in the comment section below, we’d love to see them! 

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