Symmetra and Genji are getting World of Warcraft skins

Overwatch heroes Symmetra and Genji are getting World of Warcraft skins ahead of BlizzCon 2019.

Blizzard Entertainment announced the in-game items it’s handing out alongside its BlizzCon tickets, virtual or otherwise. BlizzCon 2019 will be held Nov. 1-2 in Anaheim, California. Ticket holders always get special swag with their ticket purchases, including a whole bunch of digital items. For Overwatch players, the most valuable thing to be handed out is skins — and this year’s skins are good.

“Commemorate 25 years of Azeroth as you fight for future Earth with a pair of Warcraft-themed legendary Overwatch skins,” Blizzard wrote in a press release. “Prepare to seek vengeance as Illidan Genji, and call upon the (hard-)light of Elune as Tyrande Symmetra.”

Blizzard said the two skins will be available in Overwatch before BlizzCon 2019, but didn’t specify exactly when.

Other BlizzCon virtual gifts include two “murloc-ified faction leaders” and a “Wendigo Woolies transmog outfit” for World of Warcraft, as well as a “mysterious Golden Legendary card” and BlizzCon 2019 cardbacks in Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm players will unlock a BlizzCon spray and portrait and a Celestial Deepcrawler mount. In StarCraft 2, players can get new Brood War unit skins and portraits for Terran’s Battlecruiser, Zerg’s Ultralisk, and Protoss’ Carrier.

More bonuses, like “commemorative wings” in Diablo 3 are “in the works,” Blizzard said. BlizzCon 2019 virtual tickets are available now in the Blizzard Shop for $49.99 each.

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