Scream’s Ghostface is Dead By Daylight’s next killer

Dead By Daylight, the killer-versus-survivors multiplayer game, has always had an obsession with horror movies. Now the game’s adding a horror movie killer who can match that obsession: Scream’s Ghostface. The announcement of the new character came in the form of a YouTube trailer released on Wednesday morning.

The trailer doesn’t show off much about Ghostface or which abilities he’ll have in game, but it does have some of the horror-comedy tone of the Scream movies — particularly the mundane vibe of the killer shopping at a hardware store. The film franchise first made a name for itself by being both an excellent and masterfully made slasher, as well as a meta comedy that knew every trope of slasher movies like Halloween and how to exploit them.

Far from the dumb teens of Friday the 13th, Scream’s main characters have seen every horror movie on the shelf at Blockbuster and they love to talk about them. But Ghostface has seen those movies too, probably more times than anyone, and that meta-horror-movie knowledge is sure to play into his Dead By Daylight abilities somehow. It’s not clear if Dead By Daylight will be adding a survivor and a map as part of the Ghostface DLC pack or if it will just be the killer himself.

Since 2016, developer Behaviour Interactive has been slowly adding some of the most iconic movie killers of all time to the game. The first DLC pack to add a recognizable character brought Halloween’s Michael Myers to the game, which has since added characters like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, and Jigsaw’s protege Amanda Young.

Ghostface will be added to the game as part of its Year 4 DLC though we don’t know any more details than that yet. More information about the rest of the DLC, and what Ghostface might be like in-game, are likely to be revealed during Dead By Daylight’s Year 3 Anniversary Livestream on Friday, May 31.

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