PS4's Death Stranding Has Gone Gold

Death Stranding, the hotly-anticipated PS4 exclusive, has gone gold, meaning development has been completed. Director Hideo Kojima shared the news on Twitter, posting an image of a master disc copy.

In his tweet, Kojima paid tribute to his staff and partners, including Sony and Guerrilla Games, whose Decima engine powers Death Stranding. Kojima also thanked the musicians, actors, artists, and more.

Of course, in modern games, development often goes on well beyond launch thanks to DLC, patches, and so on, but this is nevertheless a big milestone. It means work can now begin on producing the millions of discs to be sent to retailers and that we’re now within touching distance of the game’s release date of November 8.

With just weeks to go until launch, Sony has revealed a new limited edition Death Stranding-themed PS4 Pro console, for which pre-orders are available now. For more on the mysterious game, check out our explainer on Death Stranding’s plot, characters, gameplay, and more.

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