No, you don’t have to restart your Sekiro game due to Dragonrot

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has an interesting system for death in which you’re allowed to resurrect yourself without losing experience or sen, but doing so does comes at a price.

Resurrecting yourself decreases your chances of recovering your Skill Experience and sen when you respawn at a Sculptor’s Idol through Unseen Aid, and it also increases the chances you’ll be given a Rot Essence item, each of which comes with a character’s name attached. Surprise! That character is now suffering from Dragonrot, and you can’t move that NPC’s story forward while they’re sick.

It’s very easy to abuse the resurrection ability early in the game before you know better, and it takes a while to learn what to do about it — so much so that you may be tempted to restart your game if you incur too many Rot Essence items. A few of us here at the office almost restarted, and it’s a popular conversation online.

But fear not! The condition isn’t fatal, and curing it isn’t very complicated. You can find instructions in our guide to Rot Essence and Dragonrot. Restarting your game out of frustration isn’t the answer, as much as it may seem like an easy way out in the first few hours of the game.

You’ll be constantly incurring Rot Essence as you die and resurrect throughout Sekiro, which means you’ll be periodically using items called Dragon’s Blood Droplets to cure everyone, but be aware that supplies are limited, so you’re going to need to use the item strategically. If you think you’re going to die often in the next hour or so, you may want to hold off on using your Dragon’s Blood Droplet.

But that’s just something to consider as you play, and it’s a world away from restarting completely. Dragonrot is curable. Your save game shouldn’t suffer just because you get frustrated early in the game.

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