How to watch Fortnite’s Loot Lake Unvaulting event

After over a month of buildup, the mysterious vault at the center of Fortnite’s Loot Lake is finally going to be open on Saturday, May 4, at 3 p.m. ET. The time was revealed to players with an in-game countdown clock that appeared above the sealed door on Friday afternoon. Whatever is going to happen, it appears that this will be this season 8’s big end-of-season event, with season 9 starting next week.

Where’s the unvaulting event happening?

It should be in the middle of Loot Lake, where the giant metal door is right now. If leaks and assumptions are correct, that door should open revealing a special new area to explore.

How did players get the vault to open?

The door itself had five runes surrounding it, which appear to have been locks. Each one required players to complete a different kind of challenge or puzzle, most of which needed hundreds of players to help finish. But now all five of the runes have been unlocked and it appears that the event is finally ready to begin.

What is the event going to be like?

No one really knows. Thanks to some leaks there’s been speculation that this event could have something to do with old weapons and items, since Epic calls those items “vaulted.” But there’s no way to know exactly what this event will be until the door opens on Saturday.

Where can I watch the Rune event?

The event can be viewed live, in-game, on all platforms. If you’re unable to play, you can experience the event on Twitch. We’ll also have a replay of the event embedded in this post after it all goes down.

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