How to disable the PS5’s menu music

When you’re exploring the menu of the PlayStation 5, the console plays a pleasant little tune in the background. Unfortunately, it’s always the same song, and if you spend a lot of time in the menus or leave the console on for a while, you’re probably going to get tired of Sony’s little jingle pretty quickly.

Thankfully, if you do get sick of the PS5’s menu music, you can turn it off with a simple option in the console’s settings. To make this process easy, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to turn off the PS5’s menu music.


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First, navigate to the PlayStation 5’s dashboard and select Settings (the gear icon in the top right part of the screen; press triangle to get there). Then scroll down to the Sound section and open it. You’ll see three options: Microphone, Audio Output, and Volume. Select Audio Output.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Next, you’ll need to scroll down on the Audio Output menu until you see the General section of the page. At the top of the General section, you’ll find an option for Home Screen Music, which you can toggle with a switch. Flip it, and the PlayStation 5’s menu music will be gone. (Note that this will also disable any menu music that plays while you’re hovering over an individual game’s dashboard tile.)

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

From that same menu, you can also turn off the console’s menu sound effects, in case you want your PlayStation 5 navigation to be completely silent.

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