Death Stranding's PlayStation Twitch Takeover Hints At Impending Reveal

Game director Hideo Kojima recently began teasing an impending announcement for Death Stranding. A subsequent tweet suggested a reveal of some sort was coming this Thursday, May 30, but that came from a Japanese account, so for those in the US it may actually come on Wednesday. Those teases weren’t terribly clear on what to expect, but now we have a better idea of where you should keep an eye.

The PlayStation Twitch channel has had a full Death Stranding makeover, complete with a banner for the game and the title, “Death Stranding: Tomorrow Is In Your Hands.” Appropriately enough, the placeholder video while we await the stream shows various handprints appearing and then vanishing. Sometimes the handprints stay static long enough to see snippets of video playing behind them. You can watch the stream below.

It’s all very vague and eerie, but that’s par for the course for the mind-bending game from Kojima. Previous trailers have been similarly odd, and the fan community has already begun speculating about what it could all mean.

This stream puts a Death Stranding reveal a few weeks ahead of E3 2019. Sony is officially skipping the event, but promised it would be “exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019.” Part of that has been its new State of Play streams that debut new game announcements and trailers. This Twitch takeover appears to be another avenue for Sony to show its wares without a big trade show press conference.

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