World of Warcraft’s Rise of Azshara dungeon and raid will open at the same time

Blizzard recently revealed a few key details about World of Warcraft’s upcoming patch 8.2 content update. The Battle for Azeroth update, called Rise of Azshara, will feature a variety of new features including a semi-rework of the Azerite system. But outside of Blizzard’s official stream we also got a little more information about the patch’s schedule. According to a video from content creators Taliesin and Evitel, World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas told them that the patch’s raid and dungeon will launch at the same time.

Rise of Azshara’s dungeon is The Mechagon Megadungeon. It will be massive in scale, with the closest comparison being Return to Karazhan from the game’s last expansion. That dungeon, which was added to the game in patch 7.2, featured 10 potential bosses. The Megadungeon will feature eight bosses, with King Mechagon as the dungeon’s final challenge. For Mythic+ difficulty, the dungeon will split into two segments, just like Return to Karazhan.

Patch 8.2 will also include a raid called Azshara’s Eternal Palace. This will be Battle for Azeroth’s third large-scale raid following Uldir and Battle of Dazar’alor. Between the launch of Battle of Dazar’alor and Azshara’s Eternal Palace there will be a short raid called Crucible of Storms which will be released on April 16. Azshara’s Eternal Palace will feature eight bosses with Queen Azshara herself as the ultimate challenge.

Blizzard will likely release World of Warcraft patch 8.2 sometime this summer. This new dungeon and raid will be released two to three weeks after the initial launch of the Rise of Azshara patch.

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