The Division 2 Patch Notes For August 18 Update

A new update for The Division 2 has been released. Following a batch of server maintenance early on Tuesday, August 18, Ubisoft has issued a small patch that amounts to a maintenance update. You can check out the full patch notes below, but they’re quite straightforward, resolving two ongoing issues.

First up, clan XP was not properly updating, but that should no longer be the case once you install the patch. The other issue deals with players receiving DELTA-03 errors when equipping Exotic weapons.

The Division 2 Patch Notes (August 18)

  • Fixed an issue causing clan XP to not update properly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause DELTA-03 errors when equipping an Exotic weapon.

The Division 2 recently received an update that fixed issues with the progression of Global Events, Morozova’s Phase 6 not initiating, and more. And last month, The Division 2’s 10.1 Update–which addressed various bug fixes and balance adjustments–introduced tons of changes to loot, including tweaking the attributes and stats of item drops, increasing the minimum item power on higher difficulties, and giving players the ability to swap their abilities while they’re on cooldown, among other things.

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