Red Dead Online Adds Two Legendary Coyotes

Two new legendary animals are roaming the wilds of Red Dead Online, and you can hunt them down now. The Legendary Red Streak Coyote and Legendary Midnight Paw Coyote are both in the game, with big money and extra XP available for delivering samples. That is, of course, if you don’t want to turn them into coats that can make anyone’s jaw drop.

You can find the Red Streak Coyote near Pike’s Basin, specifically on the cliffs and down on the canyon’s floor. The Midnight Paw Coyote, meanwhile, is southeast of Strawberry, and Rockstar Games said it is distinguishable by having yellow eyes and black fur.

You can take the pelts for each animal to Gus’ Trapper Store in order to make coats, and if you make either of the coats before August 18, you’ll also get one more free coat of your choice as a bonus gift. The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue had several items added as permanent additions, as well, including the Hinxman Hat, Blackgrave Coat, Corrales Shirt, and Molina Blouse.

Several other bonuses and offers are available now, including one to receive a free horse if you have tracked down and killed every legendary animal in Harriet’s Sighting Missions. There are also 50% bonus payouts on bounty hunts right now, and a discount on bounty hunter and trader outfits, weapon skins, weapons, and wagons. It’s a great time to jump into Red Dead Redemption 2 and start earning some cash.

Rockstar Games has undergone some changes recently, with longtime writer and personality Lazlow Jones leaving the company. In addition to work on the Red Dead series, he also contributed to writing and voice work in Grand Theft Auto.

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