PS4 And PC's New PlayStation Now Games For February Revealed

The PlayStation Now games for February have been revealed for PC and PlayStation 4, and the three on offer present very distinct experiences revolving around a common denominator: resource management.

For February, you can pick up Cities: Skylines, Lego Worlds, and The Evil Within. Each title can be downloaded or streamed on your PC or PS4 as long as you have an active PS Now membership, which is now $10 / £9 instead of $20 / £13 following a price cut in October 2019.

Originally released in March 2015 before making its way to PS4 in August 2017, Cities: Skylines is a city-builder that lets you construct the town of your dreams. You can build an industrial metropolis or a utopia sustained by renewable energy. And as the city’s mayor, you’re tasked with watching over the economy and infrastructure. In our Cities: Skylines review, we said, “Even with a few PC issues and a less-than-perfect Switch port, Cities: Skylines remains the best city-builder on the market right now.”

Lego Worlds, which launched in March 2017, is a sandbox game in which you build entire worlds out of legos. You can create using predefined blueprints and structures or the brick-by-brick editor, which gives you more freedom to build how you want. It bears a lot in common with other city builders like Anno 1800 and SimCity, as well as sandboxes such as Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. Lego Worlds is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Perhaps the headlining title on February’s PS Now lineup is The Evil Within, the 2014 survival-horror experience directed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. You play as Sebastian Castellano, a police detective who finds himself trapped in a nightmarish hellscape while investigating a murder at a mental hospital. Resources are scarce here, and choosing when to fight and when to run are vital for survival. In our The Evil Within review, we said, “What [The Evil Within] does at its core it does so well that all those issues floating on the periphery eventually fade away to reveal a satisfying if slightly blemished return to classic survival horror.”

Lego Worlds is only available through PS Now until August 4, 2020, while both Cities: Skylines and The Evil Within seemingly don’t have expiration dates at the moment.

These three games join PS Now’s ever-growing selection, which includes titles such as Formula 1 2019, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and more. January’s PS Now offerings–including Horizon Zero Dawn, Overcooked 2, and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy–are still up for grabs.

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