Modder re-creates Doom (2016) in Doom 2

Doom (2016) has become a modern classic since its release; the title was broadly praised for not just how it revisited a classic series, but how it updated it for its moment. But what if the old Doom games were also able to crib notes from 2016’s Doom? One modder has gone ahead and answered that question with a hugely ambitious project almost two years in the making: Doom 4 Vanilla.

There’s everything you’d expect from Doom’s 2016 iteration here: the weapons, the enemies, the iconic Doomguy tearing up huge amounts of demon ass. Developer Noiser translated many elements from the remake back into its original context.

You can check out the release trailer for Doom 4 Vanilla here, which nicely shows off the guts and gore.

For any curious fans, Doom 4 Vanilla can be downloaded for free, with instructions listed in the Doom World forum topic that Noiser made to announce the mod’s release. For those of us unable to wait until Doom Eternal’s launch on Nov. 22, Doom 4 Vanilla might be the perfect stopgap.

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