Get A Free Game From Ubisoft For A Limited Time

Ubisoft’s historical fighting game For Honor is once again free on PC, but this time you’ll only need Uplay to claim it. The offer is only available until August 28, so act fast if you still haven’t picked it up.

Get For Honor (PC) for free

First, you do need a Uplay account. After you’ve signed up, all you need to do is go to the Ubisoft Store website and click the “Get It For Free” button. It’ll ask you to either launch or download Uplay, and once the launcher is open, For Honor will be redeemed to your account. Then it’s just time to install it, and you’re off to the races.

For Honor is currently in Year 3 and has seen the release of the Black Prior and Hitokiri classes. Two more are set to release by the end of the year. Ubisoft supports For Honor with regular events, new items, and more.

The Marching Fire expansion released last year. It added the Chinese Wu Lin faction, the fourth after the game launched with Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. The Wu Lin faction consists of four classes: the Dao blade-wielding Tiandi, Guando heavy Jiang Jun, hook sword-equipped Nuxia, and staff-swinging Shaolin.

Prior to the Wu Lin, Ubisoft spent its first year after release adding several new classes to the Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. These included the Shinobi, Centurion, Gladiator, and more.

In our For Honor review, GameSpot’s Matt Espineli said, “[For Honor’s] fundamental tenets of discipline and restraint are bestowed upon you permanently, forever changing the way you perceive a melee-combat encounter in a game. In its highest moments, For Honor is difficult to put down.” He added that those who take the time to dive deep into For Honor’s combat “will be rewarded with some of the most satisfying multiplayer melee fighting conceived in recent years.”

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