Free Destiny 2 Exotic Loot Is Available Now For Amazon Prime Members

Twitch and Bungie have revealed that free Destiny 2 gear is available for Twitch Prime subscribers. Players can snag that loot on all platforms–PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia–to unlock an Exotic weapon, an ornament, a ship, and a Ghost shell.

Bungie tweeted a look at what loot you can grab now through Twitch Prime after this week’s Update 2.7.1. Expect monthly drops of Destiny 2 gear for the next six months, each consisting of four items.

For January, here’s what is available:

  • SOROS Regime auto rifle
  • SOROS weapon ornament to change the gun’s appearance
  • Skyline Flipside Ghost shell
  • Unsecured/Outcry ship.

It’s worth noting that none of that gear is exclusive to Twitch Prime subscribers, but it will save you the effort of trying to get it all as random drops from Exotic engrams you’ll get in the world, or from Fond Memories engrams you get by leveling your seasonal rank.

Twitch leaked some info about the new loot ahead of schedule when it posted a banner image advertising the Destiny 2 gear on, as noted in a post on Reddit by user SkaterCobe. The advertisement said you’ll be able to get claim “Exotic and Legendary Gear” as a Twitch Prime subscriber.

It’s a fairly common practice for Twitch to partner with various big games to give away in-game items for Twitch Prime subscribers. Titles including Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have handed out digital loot if you use Twitch Prime. The upshot is that in the US and some other countries, Twitch Prime is included with Amazon Prime–so if you already use Amazon’s services, you’re pretty much claiming free gaming loot, too. Check out the full list of what’s coming for Twitch Prime subscribers in February.

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